PIPESEAT is a seat designed to fit on top of New York standpipes to increase the amount of public seating in the city.

Completed at Pratt Institute, New York


The Final Prototype

PIPESEAT is a provocative concept that highlights the contradiction between rules (in this case the desperate attempt at trying to keep people from sitting on standpipes) and the unsolved problems the city is trying to tackle (in this case the lack of public seating). By ignoring these existing rules I am challenging the status quo while, at the same time, proposing an opportunity for a better, and human-centered design solution.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 21.03.46.png


The inspiration for this project came through active observation on the streets of NYC. I was fascinated by the work-arounds and hacks people came up with to create temporary seating in the city. Desk research showed that there is a huge lack of public seating in the city.

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Standpipes are required in all buildings in New York City that are more than 75 feet tall or higher than six stories.
— www.nyc.gov