The Meaningful Project

The Meaningful Project


The Meaningful Project aims to identify, understand and nurture what is meaningful to people. By bringing meaning to the forefront of daily life, we attempt to counter the current increase of mental health issues such as depression loneliness, stress and anxiety.

The Meaningful Project is ongoing, to stay up to date, visit our website.

Credits: Gregory Pepper, Nagarju Thummanapalli Nagaraju

Completed at NTU Singapore

The most effective way to increase and maintain one’s chronic happiness over and above the genetic set point is by changing one’s behaviour via intentional activities.
— ‘Sustainable happiness model’ of Lyubomirsky et al. (2005)

Belonging, Purpose, Transcendence, Narrative

The Meaningful Project intervenes in different spheres: the private, public, physical and virtual. Each intervention seamlessly and naturally integrates into our daily flow. The concepts are based on positive psychology and inspired by Emily Esfahani Smith’s four pillars of a meaningful life: belonging, purpose, transcendence and narrative.


Meaningful Cards

The Meaningful Cards are catalysts for interactions based of Meaningful Life: Belonging is being part of a community. Purpose is using skills for something bigger than oneself. Transcendence is the feeling of being connected to a higher reality. Narrative is creating a personal, positive story of our lives. Each card is designed to challenge the receiver to connect with someone else, with themselves or with their environment.

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Digital Interventions

The digital interface opens at each new browser tab and allows users to express and share their feelings to their closest sphere. Friends and families therefore feel closer to their loved ones in a seamless way. The digital interface can be connected to live displays such as large dome projections, allowing the creation of both, an intimate and interactive space.

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Street Interventions

In the development phase of the Meaningful Cards we had several opportunities to test the cards and underlying assumptions. Street interventions and small exhibitions helped us improve and refine the prompts and design.