Immersive Mental Health


Immersive Theatre for Mental Health


This is an ongoing project at the intersection of immersive experiences and mental health.

We are using theatre tools to create discourse and understanding around mental health topics to create awareness and fight stigma. We also found that tools like world building, characters, stories, props and sets can unlock imagination and creativity in dealing with mental health and enable playful ways for reflection and learning. We've run first workshops and are currently prototyping a full immersive experience. Stay tuned.

In collaboration with Shankho Chaudhuri


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research cards

Making research actionable

One of the tangible outcomes of our research is a collection of research cards containing quotes, insights, ideas, inspiration and specific interactions. The card set offers a neat overview over the work that we've done and let's us actively apply our research findings to the creation phase of the project. It can also be used for future projects within a similar field.


Iterative design approach

By working iteratively we get the chance to test each idea and element with future participants and audiences. By working in a creative environment and with creatives we get direct input on our first topic: Creative Anxiety.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 18.16.05.png

Workshop: Theatre X Mental Health

We've designed and run first theatre workshops on the topic of creative anxiety. By applying various theatre techniques we created the space for exchange and discourse around insecurities, fear, depression and anxiety in creative disciplines.