Revolutionising Prosthetics

Revolutionising Prosthetics


Currently, 80% of the world’s amputees lack access to modern prosthetics.

While at D-School I got the chance to coach and work with a talented team of students developing a unique and powerful solution that provides amputees in third world countries with affordable, high quality prosthetics. By now they have grown into an award winning company. Check them out here.

Initial team: Isabel Bahiana Wotzasek, Lucas Paes de Melo, Ines Pedro, Maria Stockhaus, Hendrik Dahlhaus, Cecilie Hilmer, Jessica Menold, Matthew Dion and Wesley Teerlink

Co-Coach: Marco Eisenberg

Completed at HPI School of Design Thinking in collaboration with Global Engineering Teams


Prosthetics based on human needs

The team's journey from research in rural South Africa to their first ideas, prototypes and, finally, their first market ready product was based on the core idea of empathy. Of truly understanding the people they were designing for. By following the Design Thinking process, the team was able to not only try to design a new prosthetic leg, but create a solution for those amputees who don't have access to regular medical check-ups and visits to the hospital.


A revolution in interim socket technology 

With the confidence socket, the team has created a socket that fits directly on the residual limb. This allows them to get the whole fitting process done in just one session. If the patient's leg changes, so does the socket. It's engineered with an innovative thermoplastic material that enables it to be remolded for the ultimate comfort and fit at all times. 

Below-Knee Interim Prosthesis

Designed so that fitting can occur anywhere and with optimal efficiency, so rehabilitation can begin immediately. By accommodating volume changes throughout the entire recovery phase, it provides maximum comfort. Now amputees can rely on just one socket for their entire interim phase and walk again with confidence.

Direct, remoldable, mobile

The Confidence Socket is directly molded to the residual limb, streamlining the fitting process to a few simple steps and greatly reducing the margin of error. You can reshape the entire socket up to 10 times. Simple repeat the molding process for an entire new shape, or make local adjustments according to stump volume changes.


Fit Patients Anywhere

Alongside the Confidence Socket, Amparo has created a tool-kit that allows you to take your workshop with you for fast and mobile services. Everything you need to use our system and fit patients, fits inside a small bag. Fittings can occur anywhere from the hospital, patients home, or remote areas.