What I'm doing now




People often ask me what I'm doing now. So, here's my attempt at sharing my current activities  with you. As these change, I will update this page.


Last updated October 2018.

I’m creating a revolutionary new collaborative knowledge space.

I’m creating new teaching content for a seminar on ‘Adaptive Leadership’ in the Philippines in November.

I'm developing solutions for the Future of Education.

I'm writing a book on unconventional thinking and strategies.

I'm researching how theatre tools can create new ways of future discourse.

I'm building a product (and process) to make designing with emerging technologies more intuitive and accessible.

I've exhibited my work at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College Show.

I just published a chapter on my experience teaching 'Design Thinking in Asia' for the forth edition of 'Rethinking Asia' by Acumen Publishing.


This 'now' page is part of the bigger project Nownownow by Derek Sivers.