— I teach and practice human-centered design.



Photo: HPI School of Design Thinking

Photo: HPI School of Design Thinking



Helen van Baal

I'm a designer, user researcher, and educator with a focus on learning. I help drive human-centered solutions and foster creative confidence within individuals, teams and organisations.

I'm driven by experimental, creative approaches, am very process aware and love to create things, experiences and unique learning journeys. I enjoy experimenting with and building my own design tools. I’m at my best when working on projects that create a positive impact in the world.

In the past I have worked as a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art, a programme lead at the HPI School of Design Thinking (d-school), a service designer for the Deutsche Telekom, and a freelance designer and lecturer all over the world. I have experience in teaching design and design thinking in various cultures, working in education, social innovation and entrepreneurship, spanning all levels of the design process.

I have an MA in Global Innovation Design from the Royal College of Art and an MSc from Imperial College London.

Apart from designing and learning, I love kick-boxing, board games, color theory and the outdoors.