I create and lead engaging experiential learning experiences.


Photo: Kay Herschelmann

Photo: Kay Herschelmann

I help others grow, create and reflect.

I've coached and designed learning journeys for kids, high school students, undergrad and grad students, teachers, design agencies, start-ups, SMEs, multinational companies and NGOs across different countries in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. 

For 2 years I was a programme lead at the HPI School of Design Thinking, where I designed, managed and co-led the academic program in Design Thinking. In 2014, I was a guest lecturer at Beijing Normal University in Zhuhai, China, in 2016/2017 I was a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art in London, in 2017 I was a Harvard teaching fellow for the Center for Asia Leadership teaching design leadership and design across different Asian countries.

I’m a team player and strongly believe in leading teams with teams. I therefore rarely work alone but collaborate with great people from a range of different disciplines.


Full academic courses and guest lectures

Programme Lead Design Thinking, HPI School of Design Thinking
Potsdam, Germany

Design Methodology, Royal College of Art/Imperial College London
London, United Kingdom

Design Methods & Research, Beijing Normal University
Zhuhai, China

Designing Health Innovation, Imperial College London
London, United Kingdom

The Power of Team - Teamwork Tools, Keio University 
Tokyo, Japan

Career Mentoring: Design and Entrepreneurship, Sunway University
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Professional Development: Building your Personal Brand, Sunway University
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Book chapters

van Baal, H. (2018) “Reflections on the State of Design Thinking in Asia” in Kim, H. S. (Ed.), Rethinking Asia 4: Why Asia is Hopeful. Acumen Publishing.

Keynotes and Conference Talks

“New inventors - A journey into the future of education” (2018)
Wealth with Responsibility event, Berchtesgaden, Germany

“Why we’re (still) wrong about Leadership” (2018)
Accenture Manila, Philippines

“Design and the Art of Decision Making” (2017)
Asia Union Leaders Summit 2017, Seoul, South Korea

“The State of Innovation in Malaysia” (2017)
Panel with the Malaysian Prime Minister, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Designing Health Innovation” (2016)
Health Innovation Day, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

“What is Human Centered Innovation?” (2016)
Leadership Congress, Germany

“Rethinking Design - an Introduction to Design Thinking” (2014)
Beijing Normal University, China

“Personal Growth through Design Thinking” (2014)
DT Flashlight Keynote, With Company Lisbon, Portugal

Advanced Facilitation Trainings

“Train the Trainers” - Design Thinking Leadership and Facilitation (2019)
Universidad Mayor, Santiago de Chile, Chile

“Train the Trainers” - Design Thinking Leadership and Facilitation (2017)
d-school Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa (one of the three official d.schools)

“Advanced Design Thinking and Team Facilitation” (2017)
Haufe Akademie, Frankfurt, Germany

“Designing Design Workshops” (2016)
Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

“Design Thinking and Biomimicry” (2015)
IKIAM University, Tena, Ecuador

“Train the Trainers” - Design Thinking Leadership and Facilitation (2014)
OpenLab Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Design Leadership Workshops

“Leading Positive Social Change”
Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, Cambodia

“Adaptive Leadership & the Role of Design”
Center for Asia Leadership, Manila, Philippines

”Mobilizing Teams for Change: Tools and Mindsets” 
Ayala Corporation, Manila, Philippines

”Harvard's Way of Developing Talent - Executive Leadership”
Sunway University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

”Asia Leadership Youth Programme”
 Center for Asia Leadership, Beijing, China

”Global Business Transformation Management”
 SAP, Potsdam, Germany

”Collaborative Innovation Networks”
Deutsche Telekom, Berlin, Germany

Design Thinking and Innovation Workshops

Designing for Diversity (Sunway University, Malaysia)

Creating Value through Design Thinking (Homeschool Global, Philippines)

G20 - Global Solutions Workshop (HPI D-School, WeQ Foundation, Germany)

Urban Mobility of the Future (automobile company, Germany)

Rethinking Retail (grocery start-up, USA)

Manufacturing of the Future (automobile company, Germany)

Strategic Design (Boston, USA) 

Entrepreneurial Spaces (d.school Stanford & HPI D-School)

The Future of Berlin Tegel (TXL - The Urban Tech Republic)

Global Business Transformation Management (SAP)

Creative Environments (HPI D-School)

Innovation Spaces (HPI Academy)

Sustainable Business Solutions (Impact Solutions & HPI Academy)

Entrepreneurial Spirit (d.school Stanford & HPI D-School)

Collaborative Innovation Networks (Deutsche Telekom)

and more…