What I'm doing now




People often ask me what I'm doing now. So, here's my attempt at sharing my current activities  with you. As these change, I will update this page.


Last updated September 2019.

I’m doing a residency at SPACE10, IKEA’s research and design lab in Copenhagen (their work is amazing, check them out if you haven’t).

I’m running a series of workshops at Kaospilot - and exploring future collaborations. Stay tuned.

I’m building Augmented Thinking, a smart innovation platform aligned with the UN sustainability goals.

I’m building a database of really outstanding educational programmes. Get in touch if you want to contribute or learn more.

I’m developing a toolbox for speculative design. Coming soon.

I'm building a product (and process) to make designing with emerging technologies more intuitive and accessible. 

This 'now' page is part of the bigger project Nownownow by Derek Sivers.